Bridget Praytor

Bridget Praytor


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sports, Athletics

Bridget Praytor, a powerhouse individual who has left an indelible mark as a national speaker, a top sales executive in Fortune 500 companies, and a relentless athlete. Bridget's journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

Bridget's early academic achievements first set the tone for her extraordinary life. Graduating with a BS in Business Management from Utah State University at the age of 19, she embraced a path beyond conventional expectations. Though she did not play sports in college, Bridget's passion for athleticism propelled her to conquer Spartan Challenges nationwide, compete on NBC's Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, and leave her mark on American Ninja Warrior.

Not content with a typical marathon, Bridget has completed prestigious races like the Walt Disney World and Los Angeles marathons. Her tenacity shines through in grueling events such as the Spartan World Championship 30-mile Ultra. Bridget's commitment to health and fitness is matched only by her dedication to coaching and being a role model for her athletically gifted children.

As a single mom, Bridget navigates the intricate dance of raising five incredibly talented children. From a son being actively recruited by multiple Division I basketball schools to a daughter excelling in high jump and another overcoming adversity in competitive rugby, her nurturing spirit and dedication are unparalleled.

Beyond her feats in athletics and parenting, Bridget has made waves in the entertainment industry, participating in a variety of shows on major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and Food Network. Through it all, she has maintained a steadfast focus on inspiring others, particularly women, to balance demanding careers, athletic pursuits, coaching, and the responsibilities of motherhood.