Justin Keyes

Justin Keyes


Brownstown, Michigan


Justin Keyes is an elementary PE teacher with a passion for promoting fitness and well-being among kids. He holds a masters degree in special education, which has equipped him with valuable skills to support students with diverse needs. In his early years, he was a dedicated athlete, competing in track and cross country for a Division 1 university. These days, he channels his athletic spirit and competitiveness into marathons and ultra marathons. Although very dedicated to fitness, Keyes does have one vice in life: Candy! He states that anything fruity and chewy will do the trick. He is a very proud father of three beautiful girls whom he shares with his incredibly sexy wife, Kelly. They make their home in Brownstown, Michigan. As a former state championship coach, he has had the privilege of guiding young athletes to help reach their full potential. Keyes also has the privilege of being the victim of what he proclaims as the ‘greatest loogie ever’!