YJ Heo

YJ Heo


Indianapolis, Indiana

Tech, Internet, Startups

Based in San Francisco and Indianapolis, YJ (Yongjun) Heo, Player 447, is the Founder of Midwest Design Lab (MWDL), a digital design and development agency. YJ is an inventor who created FLOAT (buyfloat.com), an industrial-strength phone mount that allows you to use your device at eye-level anywhere in the home (so you can watch TV while you shower or FaceTime friends while you get ready). YJ also manages Publit (publit.app), a personal website and directory building system, which allows anyone to make a personal website or a group directory very easily.

On nights and weekends, he also manages nationalfellowship.com and yjhelp.com where he advises thousands of college students and recent graduates from around the world. As a 2011 Mitchell Scholar, YJ received an MPH from University College Dublin, and in 2009, YJ obtained his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College.